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Prom Band is:

  • danny

    Plays: Lead Vox, Guitar
    Meat: Polish Sausage

  • jerry

    Plays: Lead Guitar, Vox
    Meat: Italian Beef

  • jeff

    Plays: Drums
    Meat: Plain Double-Cheeseburger

  • raff

    Plays: Bass, Vox
    Meat: Deer, rare

  • gron

    Plays: Tambourine, Rapper, Hype
    Meat: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

  • leam

    Plays: Lead Vox, Lead Guitar
    Meat: Steak, well done

Receive a Prom Band exclusive discounted rate to our 6/22/2013 "College Day! " party at Arlington Park Racetrack: http://arlingtonpark.com/tickets/general_admission

To get your discount (for adults 18+. All youth tickets $2), go to the above link, click "2013 General Admission Adult Post Time 1pm - Fridays 3pm", and enter the following:

  1. How many tickets you need
  2. The date you want to go (Sat, June 22nd, 2013)
  3. The Prom Band promo code into the provided text box: AP13PROM
  4. Continue on to payment screen.

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